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Wealth Management

Suited for those who have built investment or pension assets and might own their own property and aspire to make their assets work for them. This could be using them to provide an income and retire early, pass on effectively to their loved ones and protect loss of wealth, or simply to build value.

This service aims to manage your assets in a way which will enhance your financial lifestyle and we would employ tried and tested as well as innovative solutions to assist you in attaining your financial goal. We would usually plan to minimise the impact of Inheritance Tax as part of this process as well as Long Term Care planning and other generic taxes.

Many Clients who use this service have found as a result of our advice they are able to take greater control of their wealth, pay of mortgages and retire early.

We can also help show you how to create your legacy documents such as Wills, Trusts, Children’s Guardianships and Power of Attorney in conjunction with our legal professional as and when required.

We can help you with:

  • Buying you own home with a mortgage
  • Life and Illness Protection
  • Creating or Transferring a Pension
  • Investment & Savings
  • Inheritance Tax and Long term Care Planning

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