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The Customer Experience

We are proud we have created and been able to build the firm on Client referrals and recommendations. This can only be achieved if our clients feel secure in the outcomes we deliver. No matter what level service we are engaged in by the client we aim to ensure the service is second to none.

Right from the first contact we take our responsibility seriously and ensure each person in the chain puts the client’s needs first.

All our initial consultations are undertaken without obligation and at our own cost, and at the end of this initial meeting we will hopefully show you the difference we can make to your circumstances. If we are then engaged by you to undertake any work on your behalf we will clearly give you timescales and any fees which may be applicable so you are in control of the process.

Our advice is impartial and factual and where needed innovative.  We will put in place any solutions you agree on and keep them under review. We are also there for you as your adviser on any other money matters and if we can’t help will direct you to someone who can.

Many of our clients have been with is since we started and we believe in building relationships so we can be with you in good times and bad and there for your loved ones when needed.

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