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Our History

Created is 2001 by Dean Harris the company has since grown to have specialist advisers who can advise in all areas of financial planning, supported by an experienced administration team.

Initially the company was linked to Friends Provident advising on its products as Dean had been one of their top advisers and had worked for them for 7 years previously. The company was recognised for the quality of its advice whilst there and won many internal awards including their prestigious ‘Cotton Club’ names after their founder and ‘Top Cat’ awards. In 2003 the company moved away from advising on a just one company and became an Independent Adviser or IFA. It aligned itself with a network called Thinc which enabled the company and its clients to benefit from additional services and during our time there we continued to enjoy great success including being awarded the networks Top Firm in 2007 and Dean personally being awarded Top Adviser on many occasions. We were also asked to partake in the review of Pension Transfers by the then regulator the FSA and were commended for our advice process and many of our approaches were later shown as ‘Good Practice’ by the regulator.

In 2009 we decided to move to a new network called ‘In Partnership’ who we felt would enable us to enhance how we work with our clients. With the support of the network we undertook major reviews of how we work with our clients and the services we offer and as a result were recognised within the industry as an innovator. As such in 2010 we highlighted being the cover story of the Adviser Evolution magazine which is part of the Money Marketing group and again in 2011 we were the cover story in New Model Adviser magazine detailing our approach to clients in light of the then upcoming change in legislation in 2012 called the Retail Distribution Review or RDR for short. Our network has also provided many resources which we have tapped in to and as a result of this been able to evolve the company and client experience by completing a yearlong project to re design the practice around the client.

We Sponsor local kids teams as part of our commitment to the local area.

We continue to be recognised as a firm committed to excellent client outcomes and continue to develop services placing our clients at the center of our advice process and we manage many millions of pounds of their assets.

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