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About Harris & Associates

Harris & Associates Commitment

Today, we all face an increasingly uncertain financial future. We can no longer rely on the state to provide for all our needs. No one can count on having a job for life anymore, and we know that we need to make our own arrangements for a reasonable standard of living when we retire. It is also becoming increasingly important to invest in our children’s education

We specialise in providing financial advice to individuals and companies based upon their own unique circumstances. We believe in a structured approach to financial planning. This helps you understand exactly what is happening, and gives you the time that you need to make these important decisions.

The Personal Touch

First of all, you will have a detailed, confidential, interview with a financial consultant to establish your present financial circumstances and your financial needs. Your adviser will analyse this information and prepare appropriate recommendations that best meet your requirements. If necessary, your financial adviser will consult specialists and consider any alternatives where appropriate.

Harris & Associates commitment does not end when your plan has been issued. The objective is then to provide you with a continuing update and review service to:

  • Meet your changing needs
  • Give assistance and advice should you make a claim under your plan
  • Review your plan in light of any options which may be beneficial to you
  • Provide regular statements on the value of your investments and keep you informed
  • Provide investment advice when your plan matures
  • Provide information on new products and special offers

Privacy Notice

Please follow link to view Harris & Associates, Privacy Notice.

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